TGCSA’s Innovative marketing & communications approach pays off!

In the last quarter of 2016, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), broke the mould and introduced a new approach to showcasing local hospitality establishments in the country. TGCSA and Idees magazine partnered to produce a lifestyle magazine programme for reality television.  The programme aimed to show establishment owners and viewers alike just how easy it is to transform an ordinary guesthouse, bed and breakfast or self-catering unit into a world-class, quality assured establishment.  Idees magazine realised that many establishment owners realised the value of being TGCSA graded by that they did not understand the process of qualification criteria.

The TV series was wittily named ‘n Ster vir my bed (A star for my bed) and was broadcast on VIA TV, DSTV channel 147. Viewers got to meet TGCSA’s Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Darryl Erasmus, as he travelled through one of Gauteng’s favourite tourist towns, Cullinan, and advised a range of establishments on how to make improvements to their establishment to either qualify for or improve upon their star grading. The alterations ranged from very simple changes such as updating a stock standard fridge to massive renovation projects including the transformation of a non-graded bed & breakfast facility into a five star elegant establishment with lush landscaping.

“It’s comforting for many establishment owners to know that often, it’s not a major overhaul that’s required to make a difference but rather an additional touch here or there,” explained Darryl Erasmus.

It was also important to remind entrepreneurs in the accommodation sector that members of the Grading Council range from a rustic lodge to a premier hotel room in order to cater to every tourist’s taste and budget. This variety is what keeps the tourism industry vibrant and sustainable and the 10 episode series covered all types of properties and provided an overview of the TGCSA’s grading criteria and process.

‘n Ster vir my bed was a resounding success with the weekly viewership approaching 100 000 by the 6th episode! In fact, the series was so successful that it will be re-broadcast on VIA TV from Sunday, 29th of January 2017, with repeat episodes following during the week. However, if you can’t wait that long to catch up on this exciting series, visit the TGCSA website and check it out.

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