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Five Star: Outstanding

You will find the most outstanding quality and luxurious accommodation matching
the best international standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
Breakfast is guaranteed to encompass all tastes, be served all day and include seated and in-room dining.
Room service can be ordered 24 hours a day.

Four Star: Excellent

You can expect an excellent quality of the overall standard of facilities, furnishings, service and guest care.
Enjoy a full breakfast over an extended period and have the option of being served at your own table.
Room service should be available at least 18 hours of every day and all rooms should have a work area that includes a desk.

Three Star: Very Good

You should receive a very good quality in the overall standard of facilities, service and guest care.
You should also be able to order just about anything for breakfast.

Two Star: Good

You’ll find a good quality in the overall standard of facilities, furnishings and guest care.
Expect breakfast with at least some hot food and hand towels, bath towels and soap in the bathrooms.

One Star: Acceptable

There is an acceptable basic quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
You should also be entitled to an adequate breakfast and soap and bath towels in the bathroom.

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