Why Get Graded

Be it a Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering, Caravan and Camping or Conference Venue that you own, or run, the advantages of being graded by the TGCSA are endless. For one, you’ll be pleased to know that once your establishment has been graded by one of our Accredited Grading Assessors and displays the TGCSA Star insignia, it takes a single glance for local and international visitors to recognise your quality and service excellence. While some wear their hearts on their sleeves, we have experience to believe that wearing stars works far better.

Not only this, but you’ll also receive a number of invaluable benefits as we partner with you to get you everything you need to help your stars shine bright.
It is so important for all of us in the Travel and Tourism industry to use and promote TGCSA Star Graded establishments. By doing this, we help our country achieve the highest level of quality assurance, promote optimal value for money and give ‘customer expectation’ the paramount position it deserves. This way we become a nation that doesn’t only welcome the world with their warm-hearted 'Sawubona’s', but one that is absolutely ready for all it has to offer.